Blake thinks Elodie is hilarious.  A funny girl was….wife material.  And not a conventionally funny either. Not the kind of bland vanilla oh look she said something kinda funny she’s funny.  No.  It was this weird sarcastic literal humor that she didn’t even have to try to perfect.  Like half of the time she didn’t realize how funny she was being.  It kind of mirrored his sense of humor.

And Elodie was smart.  Intelligent.  She knew a lot, and she always wants to learn more.  She can deal with all kinds of people too.  If she’s around someone like his mother who loves politics—they’ll talk for an hour about politics and policies.  If she’s around Marieka, Taylor’s wife, they can talk forever about girl stuff.  Or sometimes she’ll just talking about completely off topic things like astronomy…she just knows so much.  And she’s not obnoxious about it either. 

And she loves music and books.  All kinds.  Blake loves music.  And books believe it or not.  There are just so many different PARTS of Elodie that he loves.  The way she thinks…

Her lips.  Her eyes…those dark dark eyes that seem to be all pupil but they aren’t.  When you get close, you realize that they are just really dark.  Sometimes he tells her that her eyes are like night…like the brown is like the earth when the sun is setting…when he gets closer; the brown becomes this really dark yet really dark weird combination…it’s beautiful to him.  He loves the way her hips curve and how soft her hands are…

He loves her lips. 

How soft and sweet they are against his.  There’s always a trace of her lip gloss on them.  And when she kisses him, he shivers unintentionally.  Her touch is always so gentle…her lips tracing over his mouth and then her tongue tracing over his mouth.  The way she gently gasps as if she’s shocked or surprised or both when his mouth opens hers…the way she relaxes into him as his fingers caress the back of her ear.  And they fit together.  Every inch of their bodies glued together. Every.  Inch. 


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